Value Proposition

Business Outcomes

Across the world, new capabilities are being built in specific technology areas as organizations invest in human capabilities. Organizations are expanding their workforce and finding the right talent and providers with the right talent at the right costs. We work with organizations to understand the business goals and then put a strategic plan focussed to meet those goals.

We have a mature in-house developed methodology that helps in streamlining the client vision to execution. The Co-Evaluate methodology helps in identifying the client goals, mapping these goals to find the right model, the right locations and the right provider.

In House Methodology

Expert Led Engagements

We have experience in successfully runnning global sourcing initiatives for different types of organizations. We bring in expertise that has hands-on experience in end-to-end sourcing. With that experience, we have the knowledge in starting an initiative from the ground up and also in evaluating existing initiatives and fixing the issues you have with your current offshoring initiatives.

We work for the clients and have no revenue relationship with our providers. This allows us to provide an unbiased recommendation for the right provider for our client and ensuring we work for our clients.

Our revenue model is built to give you the biggest return on your investment and most clients realize the benefits of this investment within the first year.

No Revenue Relationship With Providers