Technology advisory services

We apply proven techniques and tools to address key issues, backed by experience of our highly skilled resources to align business and IT strategies and optimize IT performance/value and managing IT costs, in the context of appropriately managing risk and achieving business results.

We support our clients by helping them use Information Technology (IT) to achieve their business objectives. In essence, working with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or working as a fraction CTO.

Sourcing Evaluation

Our in-house developed Co-Evaluate methodology helps in identifying the services and roles that are candidates for global sourcing. The Co-Evaluate methodology helps in putting together a roadmap for sourcing.

At the end of the evaluation process, you would have a recommendation on if your business is ready for sourcing IT externally.

With an in-depth evaluation of the client needs and current capabilities, the Co-Evaluate methodology helps in providing a strategic roadmap for the sourcing initiatives. It also helps in building a business case and provide key insights into the success criteria and outcomes at each milestone of the strategy.

Sourcing Strategy Development

Provider & Location Assessment

We have a detailed assessment database of providers across the globe. The Co-Evaluate methodology utilize these existing relationships to identify the right providers to match with the client needs. We are constantly adding new providers to our database to strengthen our provider network.

We currently have Technology Partners in LATAM, Asia and in eastern Europe who we have already evaluated utlizing our 300 point partner analysis. We treat each opportunity as a new initiative and assess the market for new providers that would potentially meet your specific needs.

With our experience, we have a very good understanding of what the right costs are and what leverages you have as a client. We utilize our experience to get preferred pricing for each of our clients and the contracts that favor the clients. With our experience, you could rest assured that we will work with the providers to utilize any leverage that we might have.

Contract Negotiations

Global Sourcing Implementation

Once the location, vendor and sourcing strategy is identified, we work closely in the implementation of the strategy to the point where we are able to provide indicators and metrics to support the successful implementation of the global sourcing initiative.

We partner with clients to onboard each resource. We provide recommendations on the Job descriptions, skillsets and the hiring mechanism. We work with the providers to ensure that the onboarding and transition processes are smooth and both clients and the providers have the right amount of inputs into the process.

Governance is the key to successful sourcing. Sourcing governance is not optional and is an integral part of the strategy. We work closely with our clients to identify the governance mechanism and ensure they match to the sourcing goals. We help in putting the right processes and identifying the data measurements to track compliance.

Sourcing Governance

Execution Support

Since we have no financial arrangements with the providers, we provide a neutral view of the capabilities of our partners. Our inhouse methodology accesses providers on a 300 point system to find the right providers.

Post identifying a provider, we help our clients setup and streamline the operational processes.

We have experience in evaluating existing partnerships and identifying key areas of improvements and provide a roadmap to improve existing sourcing initiatives.